Hydrauflush International was originally a company specializing in cleaning contaminated oil in hydraulic systems.
From flushing systems, the demand for overhauling pumps, motors and cylinders that were no longer performing well due to contamination in the oil or the oil itself was added.
Later, we started designing and manufacturing our own cylinders.
With our current machinery, we can also provide manifolds and other turning and milling work.
Hydrauflush International is known for quality, expertise, service, fast delivery times and a flexible attitude.
In our workshop we perform overhauls on hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and power units.
The overhauled units are tested on our own 400 kW test bench.

We can also flush complete hydraulic systems on site using our own 10 ft. flushing container.

We also have a 10 ft. offshore container equipped as a hose container. The advantage of this is that hydraulic hoses can be custom-made on site, minimizing the downtime of your installation.

With the 10ft. pressurization container, we can pressurize hoses and piping to 1790 bar on site and provide certification.

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