Repairs are carried out by Hydrauflush International in our own workshop by experienced technicians. We have built a in-house test bench for testing hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and valves. This allows us to keep the lead time of the repairs as short as possible and therefore also limit the downtime of your installation to a minimum.

Hydrauflush International overhauls only with original parts. To give you insight into the condition of your product, after disassembly we prepare a damage report with a repair recommendation. Hydraulic components are tested and/or adjusted to the desired value after repair and provided with a test certificate.

In addition to the repair of pumps and motors that are still available, Hydrauflush International is also the right place for the revision of components that are no longer available. Usually the original parts for these units are still available and an overhaul is cheaper and faster than the conversion to a new type of pump or motor.

In addition to the overhaul of pumps and motors , Hydrauflush International can also handle the overhaul of hydraulic cylinders, power units, accumulators, manifolds and switch-proportional valves.

Test bench

Our test bench is set up in such a way that we can adjust and adjust all hydraulic pumps and motors, both for open and closed systems, to pressures of up to 420 bar. We are brand independent.

In addition to hydraulic pumps and motors, we also test cylinders, manifold blocks, proportional valves, rotary joints, winches, and so on. All our tests come with a test certificate stating the pressures and flows. The tests are performed with calibrated sensors and flow turbines

More about testing

Test bench specifications:

Maximum power: 400 kW.
RPM infinitely adjustable with a WEG 400 kW variable speed drive.
Stroke volumes up to 1000 CC/rev.
– Maximum speed 1480 rpm at 50 Hz.